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What about a Company Event?

Are you looking for a unique way to reward your company’s employees and associates or to launch and promote a new product? Why not use A.R.T’s experience and knowledge in the Event industry to create the desired result.

We conduct a research around the product or aim of the event, design accordingly and create a memorable roadtrip combining visual stimulation and originality.

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From planning the route, to arranging transportation for large or small groups, premium accommodation, unique venues and restaurants, exciting activities and all done under our coordination and supervision. We aim to follow through the entire trip with safety as our primal goal. We provide n such cases a support van for baggage, refreshments and snacks, tools and spare parts, first aid kits and anything that can solve an unexpected situation.

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We have organized:

·         Promotions: Product launches, Advertising campaigns

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 ·         Incentives: Rewarding of employees and Top Sales Associates

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·         Celebrations: Brand  Anniversaries & Parties

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 Our promise:

A.R.T. stands for quality. We deliver the experience we promise. We are proud of what we have achieved over the past years.

Still undecided?

Contact us and come to Greece for the perfect Alternative Roadtrip!


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